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5G Waveforms: We Need To Know More – Controversy over Averaging Times

Ken Foster & Niels Kuster Disagree on Averaging Times

Very little has been written in the popular media about the waveforms used in 5G signals. Two outstanding questions are: How fast are the pulses? How powerful are they?

In 2018, Esra Neufeld and Niels Kuster of the IT’IS Foundation in Zurich issued a warning in a paper in Health Physics, urging that existing exposure standards be revised with shorter averaging times to address potential thermal damage from short and strong pulses:

In a letter to the journal, Ken Foster of the University of Pennsylvania countered that their claims do not hold up:

(Neufeld and Kuster’s response to Foster is here.)

In its proposed revision of its own RF rules, issued last December, the U.S. FCC appeared to side with Kuster, expressing concern over the many wireless devices that “transmit in short bursts.

Read more at https://microwavenews.com/short-takes-archive/5g-waveforms-dispute

Will the FCC formalize the new averaging times in its final RF rules, or follow the MWF request and scrap them? Stay tuned

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