Madrid, Spain: Protest against the implementation of 5G technology, June 30, 2018

Citizens ask the Ministry of Health for a moratorium on the implementation of 5G technology (Photo: EP)

By MDO / E.P.

Saturday, June 30, 2018, 6:01 p.m.

Associations of Neighbors of Madrid protested this Saturday in front of the Ministry of Health to request a moratorium on  the implantation of the 5G technology  because according to their statement the effects of  electromagnetic waves on health are not proven.

The Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Madrid (FRAVM) protested this Saturday before the Ministry of Health to request a moratorium on the implementation of 5G technology and compliance with the precautionary principle in the face of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Speaking to Europa Press Television, the spokesman for the Association of Neighbors of Chamberí ‘El Organillo’, Santiago Salvador de León, requested “the protection of health against electromagnetic pollution.We want to legislate establishing limits of protection of people exposed to these emissions,” he stated.

Thus, the platforms of people affected by electromagnetic pollution and neighborhood associations throughout Spain have joined the call of 180 doctors and scientists from 36 countries that have demanded that governments regulate, downwards, the power of electromagnetic waves emitted by digitized devices and mobile telephone antennas. Our group is trying to stop this technology from being implemented, while following the recommendations of the group of scientists from 36 countries that are requesting this moratorium from the European Union because the effects on health of this type of technology have yet to be determined. “, quote: Salvador de León.

In a letter sent to the European Commission in September 2017, these experts, in addition to requesting a 5G moratorium, requested that devices that produce electromagnetic waves emit with the minimum essential power, which is what the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recommends as a threshold for the protection of people in its resolution 1815 of 2011. The document has urged countries to “take all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially radio frequencies emitted by mobile phones, and in particular the exposure in children and young people “.

Also requested: “the application of the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), that is, the level as low as reasonably possible, taking into account not only the so-called thermal effects, but also athermic [non-thermal] or biological effects of the emission or radiation of electromagnetic fields” and ” to improve the criteria of evaluation of risks and the quality of the evaluation by means of the creation of a standard scale of risks “.

According to the Federation, it is a regulation that is now more necessary “before the avalanche” of the new model 5G, which will emit in a range of higher frequencies, “with the consequent increase in danger” for people by the millimeter wave emission.

This article was translated from Spanish by EMFSA.

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