Lockheed Martin and Omnispace eye global 5G hybrid network to link military soldiers, sailors and airmen

Future space-based 5G global network would enable users to switch between satellite and terrestrial networks to eliminate the need for several devices.

Source: https://www.militaryaerospace.com/communications/article/14201123/5g-network-military

Apr 13th, 2021

CITY, state – Lockheed Martin and Omnispace are teaming to develop the enabling technologies to deliver 5G connectivity on a global scale. New Atlas reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

13 April 2021 — The agreement aims at combining satellites with land-based mobile wireless networks. 5G is attractive for the military to connect ships, armored forces, aircraft, satellites, and foot soldiers into an adaptive network.

The first four generations of mobile connectivity technologies were largely about shifting from analog to digital systems and ramping-up the bandwidth from handling simple voice communications to 4K streaming video.

The goal of the Lockheed/Omnispace agreement seeks to produce a global 5G network by combining Omnispace’s 2-GHz S-band spectrum rights and 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards to link telecommunications networks with satellites.

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