Light and our connection to God

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Guest post by James Lech.

Light is God and God is Light

In science, biophysics explains how Light is God and God is Light, but how does science define Light? In simple terms, Light is made up of an electric and magnetic field. Together it is called the electromagnetic field (EMF). Within our cells is something called the mitochondria and it is an EMF antenna. Our mitochondria senses the electric and magnetic field in our environment, it also sends back out an electric and magnetic field.

How is our connection to God measureable

Our mitochondria emit light. Using special cameras we are able to see this light emitted from our fingertips and head. There is a reason when we pray to bring our hands and head together, it combines and amplifies the light called constructive interference. 

How else is it measurable? Did you know the heart isn’t actually a pump but a generator? Our blood is paramagnetic and a magnetic field is used to move our blood, measurable from quite some distance away. Next is the REDOX potential, known as the net negative charge of your cells. It is the equivalent of a battery and alternator in your car. If you have a poor battery, with little to no water, then your car isn’t going to run very well, you stumble, you get disease, you get diabetes. This is why science advocates the removal of fluoride from our water.  Fluoride reduces the charge in our battery dramatically. Our mitochondria produce “holy water”, also known as deuterium depleted water (DDW), and it has a massive electric potential. This “holy water” is designed to absorb God’s light. For example, the “holy water” on its own has a DC of 78 but when God’s light hits it, it doubles to 160! This is massive. In science, when light touches water, time is created. Ever heard of the religious saying “time is precious”, well now you understand a little more about the science of how this is the case. The more “holy water” and God’s light you have, the more time you have. In contrast, the poorer the charge your battery has, the more your time speeds up instead of slowing down.

Our connection to God

Magnetism is linked to our intuitive touch (6th sense / mitochondria), the connection to God. We all use this intuition to connect with ourselves, our children and community/nature. Our intuition / connection to God is built by the light and darkness we introduce into our lives. Pulsed light / artificial light in cities turns the effects in our brain and mitochondria conversely. For instance suicide occurs, an unnatural reaction because life is all about survival instinctively and intuitively. Intuition is electric and magnetic, both literally and figuratively.

The better the current in your body the better your intuition.

The better your understanding of the electric and magnetic field, the better your understanding and relationship with God.

When you have diabetes and it progresses, it is a medical and scientific metric that your recharge connection to God is inhibited. In an artificial world your intuition enters atrophy.

The practice

How diabetes limits your connection with God – GOD VS LIGHT OR IS GOD LIGHT?

The following is all measurable using scientific and medical equipment. When diabetic, just going to the ocean and walking with your bare feet in the water will show a drop in your diabetes levels, calm your heart rate and start melting your inflammation and pain. How? God, via the earth and the sun, is giving you both an electric and magnetic field. This helps you produce “holy water” that is then able to be programmed to recharge your battery. This increases your connection to God and a taste of how your disease and pain is starting to disappear as if a miracle is taking place.

Getting up every morning to see the sunrise, particularly naked and with bare feet is what the bible advocates and science supports. It is where you begin to build dopamine in the brain. As your dopamine increases, your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Quotient (EQ) increases, your horse blinkers are removed and you are able to see laterally and connect the dots to questions. Stress and problems just melt off of you. This is what is referred to as God’s shield of protection.

I have clients who are doctors, yogis and ministers. All of them share the same statement following the protocol, confess to prior performing lip service when preaching the word of God, and that for years they had lost their connection to God. But now they are reconnected and understand how to maintain and grow that connection daily. Their choice of words have changed, their writers’ block has disappeared, their stress bounces off, their disease reverses, their weight falls off without needing to exercise. Is this not just many of the tasks we pray to God daily? I have started to see more and more who have re-found their connection to God. I trust to see you out in the sunrise as well.

The author:

James Lech

World Health Organization – International EMF Project & Optical Radiation – ZA Chair

Diplomatic Science Officer – ZA

Doctoral Candidate

University Amsterdam Medical Center, Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine.

Vrije University, Faculty of Science, Physics of Living Systems, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

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