Is falling off a cell tower structure the only health risk?

In South Africa we are familiar with the following statement by a government official in regards to perceived health risks from a cell tower: “the only real threat to the health of the person would be falling at any height from the structure in question“.

This is, in our opinion, a very misguided statement.

What is not mentioned is that tower workers are required to use radiation monitoring devices to ensure that they do not exceed ICNIRP’s levels (in case the towers are not switched off).

If a tower is not switched off, a worker is only allowed to spend a very short period working on the tower or adjacent to rooftop antennas. Doors leading to rooftop antennas are kept locked with “Danger – Radiation” warning sign on the doors.

A case study was published recently in a medical journal about a cell phone tower technician from Southern California. He was exposed to massive radiation amounts in 2011, when a Verizon worker switched the towers back on after they’d been shut down for maintenance. The individual is now on permanent disability, suffering with nodules on his lungs and painful lesions on his brain, kidney and spinal cord.

The case study was published in the Journal Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders:

Delayed-Onset multiphasic demyelinating lesions after high dose radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure:

A multiple sclerosis (MS) mimic

In November 2019 the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries cited Whitman College for failure to provide appropriate safety training and equipment for radio frequency radiation.

EMFSA has received enquiries from concered cell tower workers who experienced headaches and dizziness. among other health issues.

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