International Electrosensitivity Week, around June 16th, 2022

International Week of Electrosensitivity

This year there is a call for a whole International Week of Electrosensitivity, so that more people get the opportunity to plan events and become visible.

Join actions during the whole week around June 16th to increase the visibility of electrosensitive people worldwide: preparing activities with yellow chairs, yellow balloons, yellow stickers, yellow flowers.
The symbol of electrosensitivity is a yellow heart: yellow because electrosensitive people warn of the invisible, like canaries in mines warn of carbon monoxide. On the edge is a hummingbird, a symbol of acting committed to the environment no matter what.

Please, get involved, spread this information, let electrosensitive people become visible everywhere during the week around June 16th!

A resource folder is available for material that gives space to electrosensitive people. Full focus on them. No solutions, or products, just print material, so that everybody has access to neutral, non-commercial information.

Link to the resource folder:

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