Industry/ICNIRP/WHO Webinar 5G: State of knowledge and EMF exposure level

November 3rd 2020 from 14:00 PM to 15:00 PM (Paris time). Online event.

In this webinar, Rodney Croft, Chairman of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) will talk about “ICNIRP, 5G, Guidelines and Health”. His presentation will provide a background to ICNIRP and its radiofrequency EMF guidelines, with a particular focus on issues pertinent to 5G. It will cover this topic both from the perspective of the intention and adequacy of the guidelines to provide protection, as well as through consideration of how the guidelines deal with issues that are commonly raised by anti-5G activists.

Afterwards, Emilie Van Deventere, head of the World Health Organisation’s EMF project, will detail the WHO’s approach to electromagnetic waves and what member countries are doing.

Finally, Joe Wiart, head of the Modeling, Characterization and Control of Electromagnetic Wave Exposure 5C2M) Chair held by Télécom Paris, will talk about issues related to the quantification of exposure to electromagnetic waves and will outline the challenges related to 5G.

The link to register for the webinar is available from

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