Global consumers slow to adopt 5G-enabled devices


Only 26% of people around the world own a 5G smartphone, YouGov survey finds

Alkesh Sharma Sep 3, 2021

The global adoption of fifth-generation wireless network connectivity, or 5G, has yet to catch on at scale, with only 26 per cent of consumers owning 5G-enabled smartphones, a survey by internet-based market research company YouGov shows.

About 52 per cent of the survey’s respondents do not have a 5G-enabled smartphone and 18 per cent are unsure if their smartphone is 5G enabled, YouGov said in the report.

The survey polled more than 18,800 people in 17 countries, including the UAE, Australia, China, the US, Denmark, France, the UK, Indonesia, Mexico and Sweden.

“While 5G may be the future of connectivity, it has yet to catch on at scale … with massive variation in adoption and attitudes across global markets,” the report said.

“The coronavirus has slowed the 5G roll-out … new smartphone sales fell globally in 2020 … slower handset innovation has led to longer smartphone life cycles, with many people opting to keep their devices longer before upgrading.”


Asian countries were also more likely to have concerns about 5G’s effects. About 53 per cent of Indians, 41 per cent of Chinese and 39 per cent of Indonesians said they were worried about 5G networks.

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