Extended Abstracts for the EHS Workshop at the BioEM2021 in Ghent, Belgium

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Dariusz Leszczynski:

As I have informed in my earlier post, at the BioEM2021 will take place a workshop on EHS issue , EHS workshop at BioEM2021: Sensitivity to EMF: The Present and The Future. In that post was presented program of the EHS workshop and brief outlines for the presentations by Martin Röösli, Maël Dieudonné and Dariusz Leszczynski.

Here, with the permission from the speakers and the conference organizers, I am making available extended abstracts of the three presentations by MR, MD and DL.

The BioEM2021 conference will be a hybrid of presentations son-site and on-line. Therefore, any person with access to internet, and after proper registration for the conference, will be able to follow live presentations and discussions of the EHS workshop. An one-day registration for the on-line conference costs 100€. To register for the conference, please, follow the instructions in this link: BioEM2021 Registration.

Extended abstracts:

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