Europe-Ecologie-Les Verts calls for a “moratorium” on 5G

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EELV calls for a “moratorium on 5G” which will generate “a big inflation in electricity consumption” and allow “the collection of personal data”, according to François Thiollet, member of the party’s executive board.

“5G will accelerate the capacity to disseminate information but its energy footprint is a major problem,” Mr. Thiollet, delegate for the Europe Green Ecology project, told AFP on Friday.

In a motion adopted almost unanimously by the hundred federal councilors of the party last weekend, EELV warns that “5G will be the occasion of a big inflation of the electricity consumption and the collection of the personal data of the users , via the many connected gadgets that will be offered for purchase “.

 “Once 5G is deployed in France, it is not less than 2% increase in electricity consumption at the national level that is mentioned”.

“At a time of ecological and social emergency, promoting a technology which increases energy consumption and depletes resources a little more, it warrants at least taking the time for democratic debate and therefore for clear, complete information and unbiased, ” add the Greens.

They are therefore asking for “a moratorium on the deployment of 5G while awaiting the final conclusions” of the experts (ANSES, ADEME) and, during the moratorium, “total transparency on projects to install mobile telephony antennas”.

At the end of the moratorium, they want “the guarantee of political sovereignty and technological independence, national and European, against transnational companies currently leaders in the 5G market”. 

Another request: the creation of “white zones”, without waves emitted by any device whatsoever “.

Delphine Batho, EDS deputy (Ecology, Democracy, Solidarity), also called for a moratorium on 5G on July 7, questioning the usefulness and environmental impact of this technology.

According to Orange CEO Stéphane Richard, 5G is “much better in terms of energy performance” than 4G.

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