About this consultation

Consultation period: 17 March 2022 – 09 June 2022  (midnight Brussels time)

Topic: Environment

Target audience

The consultation activities will target the following:

  • the general public;
  • research and academia in relevant areas (e.g. pollinators and pollination, agronomy, ecotoxicology, ecology);
  • NGOs dealing with environmental protection;
  • farmers, foresters and other land managers;
  • beekeepers;
  • farm advisers;
  • urban development and spatial planning experts;
  • businesses in the agro-industry and food and beverage industry;
  • public-sector authorities and bodies at local, regional and national level, in particular those dealing with the environment, agriculture, public health, urban development and spatial planning.

Why we are consulting

The consultation aims to collect stakeholder views on the implementation of existing policies and to gather input on how to implement the objectives of the EU pollinators initiative and meet the commitment to reverse the decline of pollinators by 2030, as per the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030.

Read more at: https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-regulation/have-your-say/initiatives/13142-EU-pollinators-initiative-revision/public-consultation_en

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