Emerging possibility for a meticulous, impartial review of the EMF science at the WHO

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Emerging possibility for a meticulous, impartial review of the EMF science at the WHO


Over the recent years, there were numerous complaints about the reliance of the WHO EMF Project solely on the opinions of the ICNIRP. In fact, the WHO EMF Project could be considered as “front” for the opinions of ICNIRP.

It seems the World Health Organization has taken a notice of the complaints and took some action.

The WHO EMF Project is preparing a very important document – the Environmental Health Criteria for the RF-EMF (EHC RF-EMF). This document will evaluate all scientific evidence concerning biological and health effects of RF-EMF emitted by all types of the wireless communication devices, including cell phones, cell towers and wi-fi routers…

The conclusions of the EHC RF-EMF will determine what will be the radiation safety limits that the telecom industry will need to abide by. This document will be of paramount importance for the future of the wireless communications, including the forthcoming 5th Generation Technology – the 5G.

With the considerable effort and with the considerable delay, the WHO EMF Project has prepared  a draft review of the scientific evidence of biological and health effects of the RF-EMF. This draft review was to be the basis for the discussions of the Working Group that would prepare EHC RF-EMF.

The draft review was prepared by a group of scientists, in large part from ICNIRP, led by the Chairman of ICNIRP – Eric van Rongen. The draft review clearly represented the views and opinions of ICNIRP.

Part of the draft review was presented for the public consultation and any scientist involved in RF-EMF research was free to send comments. These comments were then considered by the scientists who wrote the draft review and, at their discretion, incorporated or not incorporated into the final draft review. The information on what comments were accepted and what comments were rejected is confidential and unavailable.

The next step was the selection of the Working Group, that was to prepare the EHC RF-EMF using the final draft review… and then something apparently happened and the WHO stepped in and completely changed the plans of the WHO EMF Project and of the ICNIRP.

The WHO requested that the WHO EMF Project will prepare systematic reviews of all kinds of scientific evidence. The systematic review process was to be not dominated by the ICNIRP.


What is still puzzling is why there is no group of experts, medical doctors, that would evaluate medical evidence.

As I wrote, there is an emerging possibility for a meticulous, impartial review of the EMF science at the WHO. It all will depend on how the experts will be selected. What criteria will be used. Who will be the persons deciding on the selection.

Let us hope, this emerging possibility will not be wasted and what is being done now at the WHO and at the WHO EMF Project is not only a smoke screen…

Image: Dariusz Leszczynski


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