Defense secretary urges Pentagon employees to report any cases of “Havana Syndrome”



SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 / 1:03 PM / CBS NEWS

A new memo issued Wednesday by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin urges all Pentagon employees and contractors to report suspected cases of “Havana Syndrome,” the mysterious neurological illness that emerged years ago among U.S. personnel in Cuba.

The memo, which refers to the cases as “Anomalous Health Incidents,” said that over the past several years, numerous department of defense employees had reported “a series of sudden and troubling sensory events” whose symptoms include headaches, nausea and loss of equilibrium.

The cases occurred “predominantly overseas,” according to the memo, which urges those experiencing symptoms to “immediately” leave the area.  

“If you believe you have experienced a sensory event with the new onset of such symptoms, immediately remove yourself, coworkers, and/or family members from the area and report the incident and symptoms to your chain of command, security officer, and medical provider,” Austin wrote.

Each incident will be investigated in order to help fully understand the nature of the incidents, according to the memo.

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