City of Joburg website hacked


Friday 25 October 2019 – 7:27am

JOHANNESBURG – The City of Johannesburg website has been hacked.

Snippet: In a twitter statement posted on Friday morning, the city said it detected a network breach resulting in unauthorised information to its network system.

This has forced it to shut down its website and e-services as a security measure. A picture of the message on the City of Joburg’s website, showing that it has been hacked.


Added note by EMFSA :
Cybersecurity and 5G:

This is not the first time Johannesburg was targeted: In July 2019 City Power Johannesburg was hacked – residents who relied on prepaid electricity are unable to make any purchases.

Hackers can cripple a smart city, shut down electricity, communication systems, emergency services, water supply, banking……….these risks will be even greater with 5G.

Fifth generation (5G) networks will form essential digital infrastructure in the future, connecting billions
of objects and systems, including in critical sectors such as energy, transport, banking, and health, as
well as industrial control systems carrying sensitive information and supporting safety systems.
The European Commission recommended on 26 March 2019 a set of concrete actions to assess
cybersecurity risks of 5G networks and to strengthen preventive measures, following the support from
Heads of State or Government for a concerted approach to the security of 5G networks.
The Commission called on Member States to complete national risk assessments and review national
measures as well as to work together at EU level on a coordinated risk assessment and a common
toolbox of mitigating measures.

European Commission – Press Release: Security of 5G Networks

EU-wide coordinated risk assessment of 5G networks security

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