Brief Report from BioEM 2021 in Ghent


Report from the BioEM 2021

Ghent, Belgium, September 26 – 30. 2021

Dariusz Leszczynski

(opinions presented in this report are solely of the author)

Few topics out of many…

  1. 5G now and in the future
  2. ICNIRP and IEEE-ICES safety limits
  3. WHO systematic reviews
  4. Quality of EMF scientific studies
  5. Electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity or sensitivity to EMF?
  6. Conclusions

The yearly BioEM (bioelectromagnetics) conferences are the largest gatherings of scientists examining biological and health effects of exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The conferences are organized by the Bioelectromagnetic Society (BEMS) and European Bio-Electromagnetics Association (EBEA). In 2019 begun Covid19 pandemic has affected also BioEM conference. BioEM202 planned for Cambridge, UK, was cancelled. BioEM2021 was relocated from the originally planned meeting in Hawaii, USA to Ghent in Belgium. Organizing logistics for the conference is always a challenge but, in the current Covid19 world, the challenge of organizing conference is much greater. Additionally, travel limitations imposed by the pandemic, led to organization, for the first time, of a hybrid meeting where both, presentations and participants were simultaneously on-site and on-line. Keeping conference schedule in such hybrid meeting is of paramount importance and BioEM2021 organizers have excelled, as I witnessed while on-site in Ghent. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the BioEM2021, led by Luc Martens, has succeeded and, in this challenging time, has organized nearly flawlessly running conference. And, finally, the attendance, both on-site and on-line, was impressive, 282 registered participants. Not bad for pandemics time. Kudos to the LOC!

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