BfS International workshop: Impact of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields on oxidative stress

16th to 18th February 2022, Cottbus

General Information

In Germany, the expansion of the power grid and the construction of several new high voltage power lines across the country is a result of the switch to renewable energy sources. Moreover, the new 5G mobile communication standard and the introduction of digital techniques into almost all scenarios of the everyday life are imminent. This leads to changing exposure conditions of the population and the environment to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) of all frequency ranges. In consequence, there might be an increased concern of the population regarding potential health effects of EMFs. In scientific and public debates oxidative stress is often postulated as a mechanism induced by EMF that affects biological systems. The term oxidative stress describes the imbalance between the production of reactive (oxidizing) chemical species and the reduction of such chemical species by anti-oxidant defense mechanisms.

The WHO has commissioned several systematic reviews dealing with potential health effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as part of an ongoing project to assess potential health effects of radiofrequency fields. One of these systematic reviews covers the topic of radiofrequency fields and biomarkers of oxidative stress.

In order to summarize the current state of scientific knowledge, to discuss known and possible effects of EMF on oxidative stress and to provide information on the WHO systematic review, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) organizes the International Workshop “Impact of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields on oxidative stress”. The workshop will cover static, low frequency and especially radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, the measurement of oxidative stress, possible biophysical mechanisms and aspects of the methodology of systematic reviews. Gaps in knowledge will be identified and emerging topics of interest in the field of oxidative stress and EMF will be discussed. 


  • Basics of Oxidative Stress – Knowns and Unknowns
  • Measurements of Oxidative Stress as major criteria of study quality
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Biophysical Mechanisms for oxidative stress
  • RF-EMFs and oxidative stress
  • ELF-EMFs and oxidative stress

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