5G Starts New Conversation on RF Safety

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May 29, 2020

There will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear – Bill Gates

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt — FUD – that is, perhaps, the most steadfast set of feelings held throughout the ages. Fear of the unknown has led to everything from genocide to revolution and war. And it continues today with 5G.

There is no doubt RF is dangerous. So are automobiles. The trick is to use them safely. As we have individuals using vehicles with reckless abandon, we also have 5G hawkers wanting to push out 5G without vetting its unknown hazards.

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The point is that, without a doubt, RF waves have the ability to alter living cells and DNA. Most studies use levels far beyond what we typically experience with existing systems. But, with 5G mmWave that will change. It is highly probable we will be constantly bombarded with such radiation and we do not have a good understanding of these types of environments on humans and animals.

The time has come to stop hiding behind old data (the FCC rules on this have not changed since 1996) and saying it is valid for mmWave frequencies – it is not. There is no doubt we will be deploying 5G radiators en masse. We need to have a clear understanding on exactly what this will do to humans and other living things.

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