Mental Health, 5G and “Exploding Heads”

One of the sinister goals of 5G conspiracy theory creators is fearmongering.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Videos on Facebook, TikTok, Gettr and Telegram claim that heads are exploding after 5G was “turned up in Israel”.  However, the original video has been deliberately falsified and stems from Iraq, not Israel and has nothing to do with 5G or vaccines.


No, 5G is not causing vaccinated people to explode

Does Video Show Vaxxed Heads Exploding Due to 5G in Israel?

Comment by EMFSA:

-This type of conspiracy theory is extremely dangerous as it can affect individuals who are mentally unstable and push them over the edge, to resort to violence or  suicide.

-The creators of this particular example should be held accountable.

In our line of work we are unfortunately very much aware of the effect of this kind of misinformation on a vulnerable and stressed out population. It is simply immoral.

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