5G: 500 environmental activists sue Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free

CAPITAL INFO. Environmental activists are asking for legal expertise on 5G. They assigned the four mobile operators, who must justify to an expert the measures they have taken to prevent any risk to health or the environment.

Auto translated from French. Source: https://www.capital.fr/entreprises-marches/5g-500-militants-ecologistes-assignent-orange-bouygues-sfr-et-free-en-justice-1371054?fbclid=IwAR3YtM0l6nmhY0FTnJ3aDpVWciq6mTIBYmhAn0ui732S17Nqkxx5tYiBdQ0

Snippet: Environmentalists are continuing their judicial action against 5G, the mobile telephone standard which is to succeed 4G and whose frequencies are to be allocated this year. Latest action to date: an interim procedure before the Paris court. Five hundred activists are asking to order an expert report on 5G. They filed their summons on May 26, and request a first hearing on June 30.


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