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Those with electrohypersensitivity are often misunderstood and accused of being crazy. These are the people who are getting sick from cell towers and wi-fi. Photographer Koen Verheijden compiled a photo series of people suffering with symptoms ranging from insomnia, ringing in the ears, a rushed feeling, allergies, headaches, extreme fatigue. It is only a sampling of the complaints that thousands of Dutch people ascribe to the radiation to which they are exposed to. They have EHS, which stands for electromagnetic-hypersensitivity, or over-sensitivity to radiation.

Radiation comes from high-voltage pylons and plug-in devices (low-frequency electromagnetic fields) and high frequency electromagnetic fields like Wi-Fi, GSM, UMTS and LTE(3G and 4G). The latter sources are problematic, because the radiation is almost impossible to circumvent, such as Wi-Fi, GSM, UMTS and LTE (3G and 4G). More and more high-frequency electromagnetic fields are coming in at a faster rate – Are there any places without Wi-Fi?

People with EHS say they can hardly go anywhere without getting hurt or getting sick. They report to the general practitioner, who then writes “solk”(?Somatic insufficiently declared physical complaint) (?Somatoform Disorder) The government is unsuccessfully adhering to the preservation or establishment of radiation-free zones. These people do not feel that they are being taken seriously by the Health Council, which believes that the radiation from wireless communication is not harmful within the applicable exposure limits.

While residents of so-called ‘white’ areas are crying out for full-range mast coverage, people with EHS are looking for coverage against the same radiation. They move, wear protective clothing, wrap their home in foil or sleep under a silver wire mosquito net. In the meantime, they become isolated and do not know what to do.

He is 31 but feels 85

Rik Bodewes is 31, but he sometimes feels 85. Some eleven years ago his complaints started when the library where he often came got wi-fi. With the arrival of 4G and strong routers, it quickly went downhill with him. He gets tired very quickly, has sore muscles, can not relax, experiences a pressure on his heart and problems with his digestion. In the room he rented in Drunen, he sleeps under a radiation-resistant mosquito net. He usually wears protective clothing. Rik does not have a job, because even for simple, sedentary work, he lacks energy. He goes to the daytime activities. He does have a computer. Wired, of course.

Headache from Wi-Fi

This is how Dinette Keulen (52) looks when she buys groceries. Her gauze is made from stainless steel. Under her clothes she wears a self-stitched blouse and a pair of cotton trousers woven with copper and silver. All to exclude as much radiation as possible, because ten minutes of Wi-Fi gets two hours of headaches. Dinette previously lived in Haarlem. There she wrestled for years indoors and outdoors with headaches, restlessness, a ‘weird’ head, burning eyes and more becoming more dismal. After she had made the connection between her sickness, a radio mast and the Wi-Fi of the new neighbors, she left the ‘radiating’ city. There is less radiation in the Frisian countryside and it is peaceful. She feels like a radiation refugee.

In a silver Faraday cage

Two mosquito nets with silver wire have to protect Henk de Moei (64) against the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation of an umts mast. There is a radiation protection cloth on the floor. In 2012 Henk suffered from fatigue, insomnia and more complaints that were not explained. After endless searching and measuring, he came to the conclusion that it was caused by the new telephone network. Moving house would be a solution, but Henk lives close to the Utrecht station and within walking distance of the center. He reads his mail in the library. So Henk stays alive and sleeping on the tenth floor, in his silver ‘Faraday cage’ which repels radiation.

The highly sensitive Wally Verboog (60) from Werkhoven noticed thirty years ago that she is sensitive to radiation from wireless communication. And that has only come with WiFi and 4G. When she is exposed to it, she develops twitches, wheezing, banging in her head and “feeling her energy.” In an ‘overdose’ she gets a heartbeat of 240, against which no pill helps. To protect herself, Wally wears a home-made blouse and headscarf made of silver fabric. The fabric costs 100 euros per square meter, but it does contain 95 percent of the radiation. She also uses a lot of the material at home. There the walls are also treated with carbon paint and an aluminum fabric.

Moving did not solve anything

Letters to the municipality and the housing corporation and lawsuits did not help. Maria van Tongeren (71) finds no relief from her testimony that she has been suffering from exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields for fifteen years. Tinnitus, head pain and cramps in her stomach and abdomen: Nothing causes the radiation to decrease. It is a losing battle and she is at her wit’s end.
Moving from the heart of Amsterdam to Zaansta has not brought a solution and she does not have money for another house; Everything has gone into radiation-protection measures. One side of her house is covered with aluminum foil from top to bottom. Maria cannot go anywhere because everywhere there is more radiation instead of less. She sees no way out.

Radiation is also present in the church

Jan Janszen (77) has been living in a caravan on the grounds of a farmer in Zeewolde for more than nine years. Previously he lived in a nice flat with new stuff. But, he just moved in when he developed strange symptoms: insomnia, sore muscles, excess mucus and dizziness. He attributes his symptoms to the radio masts on the roof. Now, he only comes into the flat to take a shower and do the laundry. Once back in his caravan covered with foil, he needs days to recover. He is spending his days reading the Bible. He can not go to church anymore, because there is also wifi.

This photoshoot has won the Zilveren Camera award:…/documentair-nationaal-2017/)

It also featured in the De Volkskrant newspaper:

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