“Living, Leben, Vivre (LiLeVi) – Unique Together” : An international online survey for people looking for a healthy working and living environment

Image: The colourfulness stands for the neurodiversity of people and the multiple coloured threads per strand, for the various different characteristics of an individual. The tightness of the knot indicates that we want to bring everyone together, for exchange and for common cohesion, and at the same time give space to each person and their individual needs.
Image credit: Pia Beyer-Wunsch

What do electro – and chemical sensitive, or health conscious people want for their homes and workplaces?

The survey is for people who encounter barriers in their lives due to environmental factors. Many of them have special sensitivities or allergies, intellectual giftedness or sensory processing skills that make them perceive stimuli from their environment in unusual ways. They often experience much higher intensity in perception to the outside world and its stimuli.

With the survey the team in Germany wants to take a first step in creating positive opportunities so that neurodiverse people e.g. with Electrosensitivity or MCS can live healthy, financially independent lives and take their space in the job market with joy.

The survey is meant for everybody who:

•offers housing or 

•is looking for housing, or who 

•offers jobs or 

•is looking for work in unusual environmental settings, e.g. no Wi-Fi, free of fragrance and the like. 

Accessibility for those with environmental illnesses:

Environmental illnesses are increasing rapidly and consequently the need arises for workplaces and living spaces to take into account sensitizing substances and physical agents.

In an interdisciplinary project of the DHBW Stuttgart, students of the computer science course in cooperation with the Center for Empirical Research (ZEF) are working on solutions for people who have environmental-related diseases such as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) or electrosensitivity (EHS). It is all voluntary work without external funding, because of the urgency of the situation that MCS and EHS people face.

The mix of chemicals that people are exposed to today ranges from carpeting adhesives, disinfectants, wood preservatives and mold to evaporation from furniture, computers and printers. Sensitive people can get sick from these substances as well as from electrosmog.

The importance of the survey:

The purpose of the study is to listen to the people and to make them visible as a large group worldwide.

With results of the survey politicians, municipalities and social housing initiatives can be approached – providing an opportunity for all of us to publically discuss pollutant free housing and jobs.

The survey will provide valuable input for political work so that the group of EHS and MCS people become visible as a large group.

We need as many as possible to participate in the survey, it only takes 10 – 20 minutes. 

This is an international survey and is available in English and German. Please forward the information to others.

Link to survey:




 The survey is supported by the Ecological-Democratic Party (ÖDP Brandenburg):

The environment can make you sick: Arranging housing needs and jobs for special needs. 

The ÖDP Brandenburg welcomes the IT initiative “Living, Leben, Vivre (LiLeVi) – unique together” at the Stuttgart Cooperative State University to develop an online placement platform for living spaces or workplaces with accessibility for people with environmental disorders. 

With a population of “allergy sufferers” at 30% already and increasing environmental illnesses, the need arises for safer workplaces and living spaces, not only questioning levels of “toxicity”, but also taking into account sensitizing substances in the sense of “accessibility for the environmentally ill”.


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