December 4, 2019
Source:  Press release 3 December 2019 Today the Council adopted conclusions on the significance of 5G to the European economy and the need to mitigate security risks linked to 5G. The conclusions stress that 5G networks will form a part of crucial infrastructure for the maintenance of vital societal and economic functions. The conclusions also support...
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Leszczynski interviewed on morning news show in Auckland, New Zealand. Video available from this link:
Read More Note by EMFSA: the authors suggest that: In a department of pediatrics, decreasing preterm neonates’ exposure to RF-EMFs should primarily involve a limitation on the use of wireless communication devices by staff members and parents.
Read More Extract only, for more see Although direct causation of negative human health effects from RFR from cellular phone base stations has not been finalized, there is already enough medical and scientific evidence to warrant long-term liability concerns for companies deploying cellular phone towers. In order to protect cell phone tower firms from the ramifications...
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Source: Date: December 3, 2019 Michigan Technological University Summary:  The health impacts of radio-frequency radiation (RFR) are still inconclusive, but the data to date warrants more caution in placing cell towers. An engineering team considers the current understanding of health impacts and possible solutions, which indicate a 500-meter (one third of a mile) buffer...
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