Superior Court class action cumulative EMF effects lawsuit’s trial – Québec

Date:     Between May 8 – 10 (possibly May 11)
Where: Montreal Court House
Superior Court class action cumulative EMF effects lawsuit’s trial-
Mahons and Durand vs. Attorney General Canada, Attorney General Quebec and Hydro Quebec et als. concerning the cumulative effects of EMF.
Case number: Case # 500-06-000760-153
In 2015 a Québec resident decided to initiate a class action suit against an array of manufacturers and large scale suppliers/users of wireless technology for exposing the population to a variety of wireless technologies despite the fact that there are growing concerns about the safety of such technologies for humans, fauna and flora.
Collective Action Quebec : We believe that a class action is the best course of action to bring about change in regulation, policy and technologies to help reduce the risks asociated with the cumulative effects of this emerging form of pollution from EMF on residents, in particular children, pregnant women, the electro-sensitive and flora and fauna.
Kindly make this know far and wide so that those who are concerned about the effects and the many public affairs issues associated with cumulative exposure to electromagnetic fields might be briefed about the issue, in depth.




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