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This FAS webinar is aimed at the interested amateur through to early-career post-doctorate researcher. It aims to bring together expert speakers to explain the challenges that are posed by large constellations of satellites to the use of LEO space, the Earth environment, Indigenous cultures and Astronomy.

0:00:12 Day 1 Programme

0:01:20 Welcome, Dr Paul A. Daniels

0:03:02 An Introduction to Megaconstellations, Prof Andy Lawrence

0:28:09 SpaceX Satellites and the Night Sky, David Goldstein

0:57:57 Responsible Constellations, Maurizio Vanotti

1:17:30 40 Minute Lunch/Breakfast

1:18:04 Space Debris environment, Dr Hélène Ma

1:42:51 Flying Through Polluted Skies, Dr Thomas Ormston

2:10:35 Space Traffic Control, Stuart Eves

2:36:53 Q&A and Discussion, Dr Robert Massey & Panel

2:55:51 15 Minute Break

2:56:10 The environmental consequences of industrializing Earth orbits, Prof Aaron C. Boley

3:22:38 Satellite light pollution: an emerging threat to global night skies, Dr John C. Barentine

3:46:11 The impact of megaconstellations on heritage and Indigenous relationships to the night sky., Jessica Heim (and Doug Sinclair and Dr Juan-Carlos Chavez who were not recorded)

3:54:43 10 Minute Break

3:55:06 The Challenge of Megaconstellations in an Environmental Context, Dr Thomas Cheney

4:19:39 Overcoming Legal Challenges to a Sustainable Space Future, Charles L. Mudd Jr.

4:44:56 Q&A and Discussion, Dr Robert Massey & Panel

5:12:24 Close of Day, Dr Paul A. Daniels

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