The ethics of artificial intelligence, a Swiss Perspective

Source: SWI–artificial-intelligence-switzerland/46213634

Digital technologies hold great promise for the economy and society. But some recent developments, such as face recognition, also present ethical dilemmas. The challenges are immense for Switzerland, which is one of the leading developers of artificial intelligence (AI). This content was published on December 10, 2020.


Digitalisation has led to an explosion of new ethical challenges: the loss of jobs due to automation, filter bubbles, data protection, face recognition, deepfake videos, cyber security and most disturbingly, the misuse of AI technologies.

It is hard to imagine what would happen if AI fell into the wrong hands. If you take the issue of “killer robots”, for example, the international community cannot agree on whether to introduce strict rules to control their use. Talks at the United Nations in Geneva on regulating lethal autonomous weapons have so far had limited results.

Such weapons do not yet exist, but campaigners say they could be deployed on the battlefield in just a few years given the rapid advances and spending on AI and other technologies.

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