The effect of metal objects on the SAR and temperature increase in the human head exposed to dipole antenna (numerical analysis)

Deepshikha Bhargava, Phadungsak Rattanadecho, Teerapot Wessapan,
The effect of metal objects on the SAR and temperature increase in the human head exposed to dipole antenna (numerical analysis),
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering,
Volume 22, 2020, 100789, ISSN 2214-157X,

Abstract: Wearable metal objects with high electromagnetic reflection characteristics can cause interference with the incident waves during exposure to the electromagnetic (EM) radiation. Therefore, it is of interest to investigate the effect of metal objects capable of increasing the absorption of EM energy and temperature within the tissues when get exposed to EM radiation. A numerical analysis of increase in specific absorption rate (SAR) and temperature distribution in a human head model when metal objects are placed between the head and radiating source is performed. A realistic three-dimensional heterogeneous human head model, metal objects of different shapes and sizes, and spectacles with different lenses are used. A half-wavelength dipole antenna operating at 1800 MHz served as an EM radiation source. Results show that the presence of metal objects in proximity to the head alters SAR and temperature increase within the tissues. In most cases, metal objects redistribute the EM field incident upon them to a smaller region increasing power absorption, thereby increasing SAR and temperature in that region. The power absorption in head layers is found to be sensitive to metal object’s size and shape, and distance of the antenna from the objects.

According to the authors the metal objects definitely alter the absorption of EM radiation in the tissues. In most of the cases, presence of all shapes of metal objects increase the SAR and temperature in the head model for voice calling position. This paper, hence, shows how important it is to study temperature distribution along with the SAR distribution to clearly understand the effect of EM radiation on the tissues. Results obtained from this study can help spread awareness among the people who often get exposed to EM radiation wearing some type of metal objects. If the metal objects have size and distance in the range of generating strong coupling interaction with the EM radiation source, this could cause a harmful effect on the health.

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