Electromagnetic Field Exposure in Kindergarten Children: Responsive Health Risk Concern

Acharya SR, Shin YC, Moon DH and Pahari S (2021) Electromagnetic Field Exposure in Kindergarten Children: Responsive Health Risk Concern. Front. Pediatr. 9:694407. doi: 10.3389/fped.2021.694407

Long-term exposure to physical agents can be detrimental to children due to their vulnerability. This study aimed to assess and compare the electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure level around the kindergartens from the underground transmission line (UGTL). We investigated randomly selected 24 kindergartens based on the location of the UGTL. The EMF emission levels were measured using an EMDEX II (Electric and Magnetic Digital Exposure Meter). The maximum mean value of the EMF emission level was 13.5 mG around the kindergartens and 17.7 mG from the point of UGTL to kindergartens. EMF emission level around the kindergartens was significantly associated with the location of the UGTL (t = −7.35, P < 0.001). These estimates are not trivial, as long-term exposure to EMF among kindergarten children can lead to different health problems. Routine monitoring of EMF emission levels is recommended including the awareness of EMF exposure to public citizens.


Our preliminary findings have implications for the design of larger studies and the improvement of EMF-related policies in South Korea and other nations. Besides, EMF exposure effects on children are not well-established, children’s susceptibility to EMF exposure should be lowered, and safety precaution standards should be enforced. Furthermore, potential hazards from EMF exposure should be studied more accurately to develop appropriate public policy for the protection of the children’s health.


This article provides the ideal concept for conducting the personal EMF exposure assessment from UGTL among the children for future EMF-related epidemiological studies. It is not appropriate to ignore the fact that EMFs are potentially carcinogenic to children. Proper installation solutions should be implemented for the minimization of the EMF level around the public sensitive areas with routine monitoring.


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