Tagged White-tailed Eagle from the Netherlands killed by wind turbine in Germany

Text: Stef van Rijn, Werkgroep Zeearend Nederland

Auto-translated from Dutch. Original article https://www.naturetoday.com/intl/nl/nature-reports/message/?msg=27358

Province of South Holland , Working Group Zeearend Nederland

28-FEB-2021 – A juvenile White-tailed Eagle that was tagged in 2019 in the Dordtse Biesbosch had a collision with the rotors of a wind turbine in Germany on February 24 and died. With an increase in the number of wind turbines as well as the number of White-tailed Eagles in Germany and the Netherlands, more and more White-tailed Eagles will be killed by wind turbines.

At the wind farm she flew between two wind turbines at rotor height. Approaching a third wind turbine was fatal. At 11:10 am she died as a result of colliding with the rotors.

Wind turbines as a growing problem

In Germany, 158 cases of dead Sea Eagles who were victims of a collision with a wind turbine were recorded between 2002 and 2019. In recent decades, the number of wind farms in Germany has grown, but also the number of White-tailed Eagles, which has resulted in an increase in the number of casualties from collisions. The number of turbine casualties also increased in other Northern and Eastern European countries. In the Netherlands, two cases of collisions with wind turbines in Flevoland have been known so far, both of which were found by accident. The Dutch breeding population of White-tailed Eagles is still small, but is increasing strongly. The new developments in wind energy will therefore also cause problems in the Netherlands due to the death of birds, including White-tailed Eagles.

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