Swisscom sees more ‘rational’ debate on 5G network deployment

By Juan Pedro Tomás on AUGUST 14, 2020

Swiss state-controlled telecoms group Swisscom believes that the debate regarding the installation of 5G infrastructure in some regions of the country is becoming more “rational” and highlighted that it could be an opportunity for 5G deployments in the medium term.

“Regarding the network rollout of 5G in Switzerland, we have a very emotional debate in a lot of regions. We are blocked to roll out the network. Today we have a coverage of 90% on the basis of dynamic spectrum sharing, so we have coverage on 5G — but we have problems to roll out or to densify the network, now because of all these debates. In the last two or three weeks, I think there is some hope that the debate is becoming more rational and we have now some parties in Switzerland which are really supporting 5G,” Swisscom’s CEO Urs Schaeppi said during a conference call with investors.

“I think mid-term we will be in a better situation but the debates on building mobile networks will stay an emotional one in Switzerland,” the executive added.

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