REARMM: Army Holds Modernization ‘Rehearsals’

How do you get 35 new technologies into combat units without overwhelming them? Army Futures Command, Forces Command, Materiel Command, and other HQs are trying to figure that out.

By SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR. on March 15 2021


WASHINGTON: Officials from across the Army are thrashing out how to field a host of new weapons to combat units without disrupting readiness and training.

“We’re conducting rock drills right now,” said Lt. Gen. Thomas Todd, head of acquisition for Army Futures Command. “And it really has to do with, not just what we can afford to do, but the absorption rate and how it impacts readiness.”

The Army is developing 35 top-priority technologies, from hypersonic missiles to higher-caliber rifles, set to enter service between now and 2030. But if you give a single unit too much new technology at once, or at the wrong point in its train-up cycle, you actually disrupt its training and make it less ready for real-world operations. That’s unacceptable to the Army, which is building a master plan called REARMM (Regionally Aligned Readiness & Modernization Model) to guide how its forces train, deploy and modernize.

“What we don’t want to do is to affect [units] to a point where we’re not ready… that being the driving factor behind these rehearsals,” Todd told a Defense News webcast this morning, a prelude to the AUSA’s Global Force Next conference starting tomorrow. “[So] we’re going through right now in an attempt to take all those delivery dates, all those first units equipped, all those initial operational capability dates, and synchronize them.”


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