Presentations: Health in Buildings Roundtable Conference held at the NIH

Via Cece Doucette
Technology Safety Educator
Ashland, MA

All talks are less than 10 minutes for easy sharing; Q&A are also included (sincere thanks to health journalist Nick Pineault, for clipping most of these):

The Backstory:
This summer I was honored to be asked to co-chair a technology panel at the Health in Buildings Roundtable Conference which was coincidentally held at the NIH (though not formally commissioned by the NIH).
The experts on the panel addressing wireless radiation were:
Dr. Martin Pall to present scientific reviews of the EMF/EMR biological harm and the urgency to stop 5G
  • Retired Microsoft Canada President Frank Clegg to indicate the industry can do better
  • Environmental Health Trust Executive Director Theodora Scarato to discuss the need to protect especially children
  • Clear Light Ventures CEO Peter Sullivan to explore safe technology solutions
Each talk is short, less than 10 minutes, but together detail the very serious risks of today’s wireless technology, what other countries are already doing to protect their citizens, and what we all need to know to protect our loved ones and our communities here and now.
The Urgency
Our world scientists are indicating today’s electrosmog is bringing the worst public health crisis technologically advanced nations have ever seen.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is preparing to release the final report on the $25M National Toxicology Program study in which the unprecedented three-day peer review concluded cell phone radiofrequency radiation is a clear carcinogen.
All wireless technology uses radiofrequency radiation to carry our data packets back and forth and it was never safety tested before being brought to market.
Even the IEEE, which helped form the untested thermal-based FCC public radiation exposure limits in the 1990s, is conceding wireless technology is hazardous at the non-thermal level. See their cancer article in the September/October 2018 issue of IEEE Microwave Magazine.
As Dr. Pall indicates, the effects of wireless radiation exposures are cumulative. Serious harm is happening now with current exposures, some of which is already becoming irreversible.
He indicates the industry’s push for more wireless infrastructure to enable 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) “is absolutely insane”. Yet the industry remains intent on being first to market with 5G and the Internet of Things.
Public policy will take time to catch up to the science, it could be decades, but the harm is happening right now so we cannot afford to wait for new laws to protect us.
I know this can be a lot to take in, but without the public becoming educated and speaking up, the wireless industry will continue to aggressively push their agenda. They are lobbying right now to get legislation in place at the federal and state levels to take away our towns’ right to say if or where we want 5G telecom infrastructure in our communities.
We are bio-electrical beings and this constant exposure to microwave radiation pulses is hampering our cell to cell electrical signaling and causing a cascade of detrimental health effects. Quite simply, we are not built to stand this kind of man-made radiation assault.
It is imperative that we all come up to speed quickly and open this conversation with others before the industry puts toxic 5G antennas inside our neighborhoods, every 2 to 12 houses outside our bedrooms. They’ve already quietly begun these “small cell” installations in a lot of communities and people are already getting sick without knowing why.
Educate Your Community
Please find the courage to share this information. Your family, friends, schools, doctors, local municipal leaders, state and federal legislators all deserve the right to know.
As a Harvard report indicates, very few know wireless technology is hazardous as the credible science showing harm has been suppressed from the public in big tobacco fashion. We’re not yet getting this information from mainstream media, which has conflicts of interest with industry advertising revenue.
The industry keeps pushing the convenience and economic opportunity of wireless with no information on the serious risks so we, and our legislators, keep buying into “smart” technology.
Yet with a little education folks begin to connect the dots as to why they or their children don’t sleep well anymore, why they have skin rashes/tingling, headaches, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, irregular heartbeats, fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, anxiety, depression, behavior issues, etc.
Many are thrilled to discover their health issues disappear or go way down when they choose to reduce wireless radiation exposures.
What we don’t feel in the short-term though, is that cumulative exposure is mounting and can cause DNA damage, neurological issues, adult and child cancers, early onset Alzheimer’s, infertility, autism and more.
Future harm can be avoided with safe hard-wired devices indoors, and infrastructure that brings cable/copper/fiber-optics to the premises instead of wireless radiation antennas mounted outside or in sky-based satellites. When we’re on the go, we can learn to use mobile devices sparingly, away from our bodies in active mode, and in airplane mode when not in use.
Tools to Start the Conversation
We are very lucky today to have not only the NTP study and expert talks to share, but the award-winning film Generation Zapped. The latter was released in July, and is a great way to learn about this issue from the experts.
We also have the half-hour on-line courses from the non-profit Wireless Education which can quickly train families, communities, schools and workplaces on the risks and how to use technology safely.
Feel free to also share information from my research repository to help open the conversation. I have pages for schoolsmunicipal leaders, and legislators. They’ll find all the science, risks and solutions there.
Please, for the sake of our collective children, take the time to personally investigate this if you haven’t already. Many of our doctors, engineers, technologists and physicists have been kept in the dark too and may unwittingly be passing along outdated misinformation.
Let’s all do what we can from where we are to shift from reliance on toxic wireless technology to building safer hard-wired infrastructure. Let’s share information on how to use today’s mobile technology more safely until industry brings biologically safe mobile technology to market. Microsoft’s Frank Clegg assures us the industry can do better, if given a nudge.
We need to educate others, and quickly, else we’ll all have 5G cell towers in the public access way right outside our homes pulsing radiation at us 24×7.

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