ORSAA invited to present at Stop5G seminar on 7th July 2019

ORSAA 28 May Newsletter

Julie McCredden, Steven Weller & Victor Leach in Australia talking about upcoming 5G Health Symposium on 7th July:


The 7th July is an all day symposium and will allow for a short question and answer session at the end of each talk and a forum discussion at the end.


Although ORSAA will not be presenting at the Thursday 30 May seminar (link above) we thought that some might like to register for the online streaming as Mr Ray Broomhall, a Barrister, will be speaking on a legal approach on how to stop 5G antennas being rolled out on street power poles outside your house. This first phase of 5G is a slight increase in frequency but the current antennas will be replaced with higher frequency antennas in the near future. The full plan for 5G has not been revealed by the Telcos but is expected to move to millimetre wave (mmW) frequencies that integrate with near earth satellites and have beam steering “focused” waves. This is a “Trojan horse” approach. There will eventually be antennas on street corners that will steer towards the smartphone user as he or she walks down the street with phone in hand.

Mr Raymond Broomhall will also be speaking at the 7th July seminar about what you can do to prevent an antenna from appearing on a street pole near you.

Telcos Breaching duty of care

The Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) acknowledges that Telcos are breaching their duty of care to inform communities before deploying infrastructure. https://www.acma.gov.au/theACMA/telstra-fails-to-consult-community

Victor Leach

Newsletter Editor

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