Oppo has outlined its intention to venture into 6G, as part of the Chinese multinational telco’s future plans to create next-generation communications offerings.

The phone maker’s research arm, the Oppo Research Institute in Shenzhen, has released its first 6G white paper: “6G AI-Cube Intelligent Networking”, to provide the telecommunications industry with insight into how artificial intelligence (AI) can empower 6G network architecture.

The white paper also proposes a more detailed vision for the design of next-generation communication networks, with Oppo saying it believes 6G will reshape the way people interact with AI like never before, by allowing AI to become a public-serving technology that can be used by everyone.

The Chinese phone manufacturer, which launched in SA in 2020, previously told ITWeb it has ambitious plans for massive growth in the next five years locally, by introducing high-quality, affordable devices.

As a key contributor to the popularisation of 5G, Oppo is working with various partners to promote the large-scale commercialisation of 5G.

The telco says it believes that smart devices, when empowered by 6G, will become important participants of AI, enabling the downloading and deploying of AI algorithms at different application levels, to create new immersive experiences for users, while also constantly collecting data to feed more advanced AI models.

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The 5G connectivity is currently the hype train all companies are riding, but some are already looking farther into the future. We received a 6G white paper by Oppo in which the company reveals how it visions the next-gen connectivity will affect our daily lives.

According to the paper, the company thinks 6G network architecture will “reshape the way people interact with AI” and will “become a truly public-serving technology that can be used by everyone”.

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