On November 11, 2017, Medical Associations in Cyprus and Austria issued a new position paper calling for an updated policy to protect the public from electromagnetic radiation emissions from cell phones and other wireless devices:

The Problem:

Please note the following included in the recommendations section: Nicosia 2017 Declaration Position Paper on Electromagnetic Radiation and Radiofrequency Radiation in English


The recommendations were based on the existing rules published annually by the Medical Chamber of Vienna, Austria, the Cyprus Committee on Environment and Children’s Health, Cyprus-Leaflet-EMF-and-Health-2017 and the recent Reykjavik 2017 Appeal.

Vienna Medical Association Issues Cell Phone Guidelines

2017 Reykjavik Conference on Technology, Wireless Radiation and Children’s Health

For more about the Nicosia Declaration see below

The 2017 Nicosia Declaration on Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Radiation

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