Member of the South African Parliament comments about a safer and healthier environment

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Parliament – National Assembly


Mr. Lech provides a unique and gifted approach to solving problems and addressing issues that have been neglected to a large degree. He has had useful experience and developed practical skills with regard to transferring academic knowledge into real-world application.

I have been working with Mr. Lech as he has been researching avenues to make his research accessible and beneficial to legislators and society as a whole. He has written to the Chairs of Parliamentary Portfolio Committees requesting the opportunity to present his research findings and explain their relevance in terms of the oversight responsibility of each committee and I will assist in following up with Committee Chairs in this regard.

We have considered drafting a private members bill to assist parliament and relevant departments in ensuring gaps or omissions in our regulations are not placing society at risk.

The work that Mr Lech has been doing is of interest to me as a Member of Parliament as I have been concerned about our lack of awareness regarding potential harm to society caused by cell tower radiation and I am interested in seeing South Africa find solutions – to ensure a safer and healthier environment – that do not impact negatively on business and our struggling economy.

Office of Mrs Cherllyn Dudley
National Assembly
Member of Parliament

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