Los efectos de las ondas electromagnéticas – Conferencia Dr. Belpomme

Dr. Belpomme, Oncologist at the European Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, President of the Association for Therapeutic Anti-Cancer Research (ARTAC), President of the European Cancer and Environment Research Institute ECERI.
Conference organized by Biarritz Antennes which took place in Biarritz on 02/03/2017.
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2G,3G,4G,5G and 7G. A flight forward without taking into account public health problems.Physicians have not received in their careers sufficient information to discuss what we now call environmental medicine.

What to do in such a situation of total denial about a major health problem? IT IS EVIDENT THAT CIVIL SOCIETY HAS TO DO THE JOB.

The real problem today is children and adolescents where we see a real addiction with wireless technologies, with significant health impact.
In my book too, I mention the American statistics, In the United States,5-10% of adolescents under 17 years have a reduction of 5-7 points of their IQ –the main cause is mobile technology. In France, a decrease of 3,8% in IQ among the youth of our country.(because of mobile technology mainly) We are in a situation where we have a real public health problem – so the politicians should be interested.

What will the long term affects on social security be – because these people have a have a serious condition, chronic,which will require ongoing assistance with Social Security which may not in the coming years cover 100% the care of those patients affected.. We are facing a real public health problem that is never analyzed in terms of health itself but in financial terms by politicians who govern us.
We have to address the public health problem, or better, in the interest of the general population, and our children and adolescents, in particular.

Now we come with an explosion of mobile phones (particular and) wide spread exposures of what we call electrosmog from EMF’s . i.e. a space where there is no white zones that is exposed morning to night. Hence we have cancers, brain tumours, leukemias, I will describe but also Alzheimer’s Disease, now officially proven, and EHS, an emerging disease,a condition, increasingly common, having an incidence.EHS is increasing but is not recognized, unfortunately in perspective, with WHO but with prospects for progress in the coming weeks.
The difficulty to properly expose the risks related to electro magnetic fields:
It involves the fields of physics, biology and medicine and molecular biology.

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