Los Altos bans ‘node’ antennas for the most part in residential areas

Los Altos bans ‘node’ antennas for the most part in residential areas

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Noted from the article:

Council members and residents expressed dismay over the aesthetics of the devices (small cell antennas/nodes), along with the noises they make.

Nodes aren’t completely banned in residential neighborhoods as an outright ban could lead to lawsuits from cellphone companies.

FCC says cities can can’t stop telecoms from adding capacity to current nodes, installing 5G networks or improving service.

If telecom companies want to put a cell node in a neighborhood, they must file an application with the city that explains why the city must approve the project and how it will benefit the area’s cell coverage.

Applicants will also have to include the following:

• A description identifying where service will be improved if the node is installed in the neighborhood,

• A master plan of all proposed nodes in relation to the existing and potential locations in the city for nodes,

• An analysis of at least five other places in the area where the company could put the node instead,

• A sample of the proposed notice, and the envelope it will be mailed in, that will be sent to all residents within 1,000 feet (304.8o meters) of the new node.

The ordinance also requires that the nodes cannot be within 500 feet (152,4 meters) of a school, the nodes must be separated by 1,500 feet (457.2 meters) and be placed mid-block so they are not as obvious when placed on street corners.

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