The Council on Health Safe Telecommunications” has, in cooperation with the Danish EHS AssociationMayDay and The Danish Institute of Public Health arranged the 5G Conference at Christiansborg Maj 4th 2019.

The Conference was concluded with a presentation by Lawyer Christian F. Jensen of Bonnor Lawyers, based in the city of Holte. The Lawyer’s conclusion is: establishing and activating a 5G-network — as it is currently described — will contravene current human and environmental laws enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights, the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, EU regulations, and the Bern- and Bonn-conventions protecting natural habitat and migrating species.

Quote from the legal opinion :

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PDF “Legal Opinion on 5G” LegalOpinionOn5G
Watch Lawyer Christian F. Jensen present the Legal Opinion on 5G: Video mainly in Danish, but the important parts are summarized in English:

Added note from EMFSA –  (worth repeating as per the pdf):

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