Landowners will not have right to refuse 5G masts

8th August 2020

Source: The North Coast Courier

The government is citing legal precedent as the basis for its proposed legislation on 5G technology, which if passed will allow network companies to erect masts on privately-owned land even if the landowner does not want it.

Following the July 22 gazetting of additions to the Electronic Communications Act, many communities are believed to have objected strongly to its key proposal, that will give electronic communications network service licensees the right to enter upon and use public and private land for their electronic communications networks and facilities.

This includes 5G wireless technology, which many believe is untested and potentially harmful.

Asked if landowners will have the right to refuse erection of communications equipment on their land, spokesperson for the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, Mish Molakeng cited a Constitutional Court judgement in the matter of City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and Link Africa (Pty) Ltd CCT 184/14, where the court found that network licensees may select the premises and access to them for the purposes of constructing their electronic communications network or facilities.

The closing date for objections is August 20 and may be emailed to  

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