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Comment below has been submitted last night by Carl Blackman in response to my yesterday’s post “*Censorship in plain sight* by the mainstream news media“. I am posting this comment as stand-alone post because of the high scientific status of Carl within the EMF community.
Carl Blackman is one of the Founding Members of the Bioelectromagnetics Society. He was also the President of the Society in 1990/91 and, in 2014, Carl was awarded the highest scientific prize of the Society – the d’Arsonval Award.


Carl Blackman: “It would seem that with all the money that is going into this 5G development, some funds should be awarded to independent scientists to do tests to determine what if any biological changes might occur in humans, and/or animal surrogates, before the fields are placed into the human environment. This is such a simple thing to do as a logical precaution, that it concerns me that it hasn’t been done.”

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