Video explaining the guidelines available at: https://www.icnirp.org/en/publications/article/rf-guidelines-2020480.html

Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz) Health Phys 118(5):483-524; 2020. (This publication was published ahead of print in March 2020). 

Further information on the new ICNIRP RF EMF Guidelines

The ICNIRP Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields are for the protection of humans exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF) in the range 100 kHz to 300 GHz. The guidelines cover many applications such as 5G technologies, WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile phones, and base stations.

This publication replaces and superseeds the 100 kHz to 300 GHz part of the ICNIRP (1998) radiofrequency guidelines, as well as the 100 kHz to 10 MHz part of the ICNIRP (2010) low-frequency guidelines. 

Citation: ICNIRP. Guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz). Health Phys 118(5):483-524; 2020.
(Pre-print published in March 2020 under Health Phys 118(00):000–000; 2020).

Content: Guidelines including two appendices. The Guidelines provide the limits of exposure. Appendix A and B respectively provide further detail concerning the relevant dosimetry, and the biological and health effects reported in the literature.

Additional Information

FAQs on RF 
Differences between 2020 and 1998 Guidelines

Note that the guidelines are the source reference.

Public Consultation – The draft of the RF Guidelines was available for review through a public consultation process opened to everybody from 11 July to 9 October 2018. This process is reported here

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