Have some fun! 5G, Satellites and Climate Change Lightbulb Campaign

Have fun! Replace your outside light bulbs with red ones.

By replacing your outside lights you will draw attention to your concerns about 5G that can lead to further discussions within communities. In other words, a positive, beneficial way of raising awareness.

Satellites and 5G

Red lights reduce light pollution in order to see the stars and satellites as astronomers do.

Seeing the night skies more clearly enables better public awareness and application to focus on solutions.

Photonbiomodulation is one of the bioadaptive strategies to the increased non native EMF exposure, including 5G complaints and solutions, as per the published WHO National Report. *

Energy Consumption, exposure levels and climate change:

The light stimulating effect leads to better sleep induction, which in turn lowers device use. The result: less 5G transmitters usage data and power density levels. 

Red lights help plants with drought resistance, increase growth and sequestrate carbon to make oxygen.


Red light assists in helping to boost the immune system and has an anti – inflammatory effect.

How to participate in this campaign:

If you would like to support this already active campaign, send us your images https://www.emfsa.co.za/contact/

With your consent images received are cataloged, and then published into a WHO report, thereby assisting with policy changes.

Residential and industrial settings are suggested but anywhere will suffice.


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