French MPs propose ‘moratorium’ on 5G rollout, citing health, environment


By Mathieu Pollet | EURACTIV France | translated by Daniel Eck

Three amendments proposing to have a “moratorium” on 5G deployment in France – first spotted by news websites Numerama and Next INpact – were tabled before the French National Assembly during its committee’s examination of the bill to combat climate change. EURACTIV France reports.

The frequencies dedicated to 5G networks should be “provisionally suspended” until “the results of the 5G evaluation on health and climate” are presented to parliament, according to the proposed amendments 587 and 746.

Ecology Generation MP Delphine Batho, as well as Ecology Democracy Solidarity MPs Cédric Villani and Matthieu Orphelin, were among the MPs who signed the proposals for amendments.

The group of MPs tabling the amendments reiterated the PT12.1 proposal of the Citizen’s Climate Convention – a panel representing French citizens on climate issues –  and drew inspiration from recommendations made by the country’s High Climate Council in its “Controlling the carbon impact of 5G” report.

Amendment 4539, goes further and proposes to decree a “moratorium on the deployment of the 5G network on French territory” which could only be lifted if approved by the “French population, resulting from a national consultation conducted throughout France for at least one year”.


It seems unlikely that these amendments will ultimately be voted on due to the lack of support from President Emmanuel Macron’s La République en Marche, which boasts a 269-member majority in parliament. However, the special commission in charge of the bill is expected to have prepared the text by 19 March.

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