European Commission pushes for action on 5G

The European Commission (EC) pressed for collaboration among member countries to accelerate and ease 5G deployments, including cutting red tape, improving access to spectrum, and cross-border coordination on frequency assignment.

In a document outlining recommendations for the development of high speed fibre and 5G services across the economic bloc, it called on European Union countries to work on a common approach to address hurdles currently hampering deployments.

Included in the issues it aims to tackle are a reduction in 5G deployment costs, removal of unnecessary administrative hurdles, and support of cross-border services in the transport and industrial sectors.

It added it was essential to “avoid or minimise any delays in granting access to radio spectrum to ensure timely deployment of 5G”.

Among the suggested policies, the EC said a deadline of four months should be imposed for granting or declining permission for civil works associated with high-speed network deployment. It also called for “timely and investment-friendly access to 5G radio spectrum”.

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