Durban residents reject 5G towers on their property


AUTHOR Thabiso Goba, Journalist/Photographer

July 30, 2020

The draft proposal, which was gazetted by Stella Ndabeni-Abarahams, Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, is part of the government’s expansion into the 5G network.

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Heather Roos, chairperson of Umbilo Community Policing Forum, said the policy would represent an infringement on people’s rights.

“This is taking away people’s rights to privacy on their own property . This is so unfair. What about health risks as this has been a huge issue in the past with cell towers etc. It seems that as citizens in South Africa, we do not have any rights anymore,” she said.

Glenwood resident, Christo Bergh, also raised health and property right concerns over the possible law.

“The fact that they want to use my property without compensation, no. The eyesore alone of these towers puts me off. The jury is still out there on the health implications of 5G,” he said.

Mandy Wilson, a Glenwood resident called the proposal ‘shocking’ and said it must be stopped from being passed into law.

“Your property, which is the single biggest investment you will ever make will drop rapidly in price.”

“In fact, I would go as far as to say it would make it a very difficult property to sell should you opt to move and then it could happen to you all over again under this new legislation. I most certainly would not buy a property with this in my yard,” she said.

Cheryl Johnson, from Save Our Berea, urged residents to participate in the decision making process and make their voices heard.

“So often residents ignore this process but then object to issues that affect them negatively when it is too late and almost impossible to remedy,” she said.

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