DARPA and Academia Jumpstart 5G IoT Security Efforts

With 5G IoT devices projected to hit 49 million units by 2023, researchers launch programs to keep IoT from becoming a blackhole of exfiltration.

Open standards were supposed to drive interoperability of Internet of Things devices, allowing cybersecurity software to interrogate devices across the network. Many vendors even hoped to install apps or agents inside IoT nodes; after all mobile devices allow this. Yet none of these approaches, APIs, or standards that products are built upon achieved wide adoption. With so little control and visibility into IoT, the coming wave of 5G devices should make security professionals nervous.

In response to 5G’s potential to exacerbate an already complex problem of IoT security, researchers in defense and academic circles have launched programs to jumpstart R&D. This summer, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) released IoT research grants. And in a separate but parallel development, academic researchers at the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) simultaneously launched a program allowing industry IoT experts to collaborate with academic researchers.

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