Consumers fail to see value of 5G, Deloitte study finds

14 Nov 2019
Catherine Knowles
While 5G presents many opportunities for businesses, consumers are sceptical of the benefits of 5G, according to Deloitte’s latest Mobile Consumer Survey.

Up to 84% of respondents said they were not prepared to pay the $15 premium operators are proposing for 5G, indicating that telcos need to better communicate the value of the upgrade to consumers, Deloitte says.

Deloitte Partner and National Telecommunications lead Peter Corbett, says 5G is a feature most people simply don’t understand. There was a clear business case for 4G consumers – they wanted faster download speeds to stream content. For now consumers are more focused on a reliable network, rather than a faster one, posing a real challenge for the marketing and adoption of 5G, Corbett says.

“Consumers should prepare to be disappointed with 5G in the short-term, as the network will experience growing pains until it is fully established which will come with small-cell deployments and the auction of mmWave in early 2021.

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