AT&T Catches Carbon Neutral Bug, Expands CCAT Coverage


Sydney Sawaya | Associate Editor September 17, 2020 11:30 PM

AT&T caught the tail end of the green echo reverberating throughout the tech industry this week, announcing a new commitment to be carbon neutral across its entire global operations by 2035.

To get there, the company plans to focus on six targets. By virtualizing network functions the operator says it will eliminate areas of energy-intensive network equipment and in turn rely on low-cost, energy-efficient hardware. It’s transitioning to a low-emissions fleet, optimizing routes, switching to hybrid vehicles, and reducing the overall size with a goal of decarbonizing its fleet. And the operator said it will accelerate its energy efficiency and network optimization efforts; expand its efforts to drive sustainable feature film and TV production; support the renewable energy marketplace; and invest in carbon offsets. 

In addition to its mitigation commitment to reach carbon neutrality, AT&T is also stepping up its efforts to be more resilient to the impacts of climate change by expanding the scope of its Climate Change Analysis Tool (CCAT) tool to cover the entire contiguous U.S.


A Green Tech Echo

AT&T’s moves come at the end of what has been a steady flow of green announcements this week.

The global mobile industry united earlier this year under industry trade group GSMA to take collaborative action in tackling climate change with the release of the Science-Based Target (SBT) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the telecommunications industry. AT&T, VerizonT-Mobile, and 27 other mobile operators from around the world jumped on board with SBTs to reduce emissions trajectories for mobile, fixed, and data center operators; curb the risks and effects of climate change; and ultimately help companies reach the ambitious Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming.

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