A human chain demands transparency in the deployment of 5G in Segovia

International experts at a scientific conference held in the city warn about the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields for people and the environment.
By GONZALO AYUSO HIJOSA – 16th June 2018
 The participants in the human chain passed through the arches of the Aqueduct in a protest act that ended in the Plaza Mayor. / KAMARERO

A human chain formed by dozens of people carrying posters and a scarf of 300 meters of virgin wool dyed with natural dyes, yesterday in Segovia requested transparency in the implementation process of 5G in the city, which has been chosen by Telefónica, next to Talavera de la Reina, to pioneer services with this new communications technology.

The participants started in the Plaza de Día Sanz, next to the Aqueduct, and they went in and out through the arches of the monument, demanding clarity from both Telefónica and the City Council in the deployment of the 5G. Then they marched to the Plaza Mayor where the protesters deposited shoes as a symbol of all those who are suffering due to exposure to electromagnetic fields and who have not been able to participate in this act of protest.

In fact, sources of the organization explained that, in the events organized by the Platform Stop 5G in Segovia only around 170 people attended, two thirds could not participate in the human chain when traveling the center of the city due to exposure from electromagnetic waves.

The scarf used in the demonstration has been woven in different places by groups of women in workshops led by the craftswoman Fátima Carrasco. With this garment the platform wants to symbolize that it is not against new technologies but it is committed to a secure technology such as cable.

The virgin wool dyed with natural dyes is a call of attention to the need to return to a model of development in contact with nature, based on the organic, respect for life, what is clean, healthy, healthy.

In addition, the fact that it has been woven by women highlights that precisely the diseases of central sensitization, among which are electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity, affect mainly women (between 70% and 90% of the total of affected).

Scientific day/Day of Science

During the morning, the auditorium of the Vicerrector Santiago Hidalgo de la UVa building was the scene of a series of presentations by international scientists who agreed on the effects on health, and also on the natural environment, of electromagnetic waves.

In this sense, Ceferino Maestu, from the Center for Biomedical Technology of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, explained that while legislation emphasizes thermal effects there is evidence of biological effects related to diseases.

On the implementation of 5G it was reported that an antenna will be installed for every ten blocks of housing and legislation protects companies in terms of the disclosure of their location. On the other hand, until its generalization it will coexist with other systems such as 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi.

Among the  main conclusions: EU legislation allows limits of up to 450 microwatts per square centimeter when the scientific recommendation and resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe is 0.1 microwatts.

This expert said that there are studies that indicate that this new technology is approaching levels with thermal effects that generate pathologies of central sensitization: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, electrosensitivity and are even  related to brain tumors or leukemia, a risk also indicated by Annie J. Sasco, an expert from international cancer research organizations and David Carpenter, director of a health institute in Albany (USA).

White areas/zones

Several of the speakers expressed the need to demand the establishment of white areas in the city; for example, schools, public squares, libraries, etc., but the EU is opposed because it clashes with its policy of universal access to the internet, which it co-finances.

This article was translated from Spanish by EMFSA. Original article below.

Una cadena humana reclama transparencia en el despliegue del 5G en Segovia


Human chain across Segovia, Spain to Stop 5G


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