5G is (now also) a democracy problem: 100 Italian Municipalities are officially against 5G


Vicovaro Resolution, first goal reached: in just 9 months, 100 Italian municipalities.

by Maurizio Martucci


Il 5G (ora) è (pure) un problema democratico: 100 Comuni d’Italia sono ufficialmente Stop 5G – ECCO LA LISTA, UNICA IN EUROPA

Original article in Italian. Translated for EMFSA  by Tiaré Totaro.

A small Italian miracle in defence of public health: just 9 months after the approval of the Vicovaro Resolution in the consensus of the 1st National Stop 5G meeting promoted on March 2nd, 2019 by the Italian Stop 5G Alliance, today 100 Italian municipalities are officially against 5G [a movement known as “Stop 5G” in Italy]. Before Vicovaro, there was nothing; in the local administrations of the fifth generation wireless tsunami, there was no mention of 5G, with its risks being completely ignored. Now—less than 300 days from the first historic event—there is a mounting tide of awareness surrounding the assertion of a right set out in Art. 32 of the Constitution, which recalls the European precautionary principle, continues unabated from Valle d’Aosta to Sicily, from the province of Bolzano to that of Caltanissetta and Nuoro, passing through the cities of Rome (Municipality XII), Turin, Catania, Florence and Bologna. And this is just the beginning.

In rapid succession, approval has been granted and passed for the precautionary principle and moratorium, motions and resolutions of the council and Municipal Giunta, agendas, technical suspensions and regulations that revoke the installation of the Internet of things, amendments with budget allocation for independent scientific research, but above all urgent and contingent ordinances issued by the Mayor as the highest health authority in the area: in many documents, the Vicovaro Resolution is explicitly referred to and mentioned, as well as hearings in the parliamentary committee of the medical doctors of ISDE Italia and scientists of the Ramazzini Institute. This represents a great recognition to the immense efforts made by each member of the alliance, which works towards a common objective.

On its official website, the Italian Stop 5G Alliance has publicly announced the complete list of the top 100 Municipalities for the prevention of damage by electrosmog, a unique result in Europe, achieved thanks to the widespread grassroots action conducted by local authorities, by the National Association of Small Italian Municipalities, by activists and ethically responsible citizens, through countless collections of signatures and mass rallies, but also by organizations, committees and independent associations. It is an extraordinary result achieved, above all, thanks to the sensitivity and tenacity of brave and praiseworthy Mayors city councilmen and councillors, from ruling and opposition parties alike.

It is clear that the partial data we currently have on the first 100 municipalities is the result of an aggregate
based on a heterogeneous and diversified approach, centred on the unanimous denunciation of the environmental and human risks that 5G poses. Each motion has its own story, procedure and content, different from every other. In the same light, a motion approved by the Council or Municipal Giunta, or a resolution or agenda approved by the majority or unanimity of councillors or assessors, is merely addressing the issue, but unable to arrest the implementation of 5G on the territory in question. They are merely formal protocols aiming towards the Mayor’s commitment to protect his fellow citizens in a more concrete way. On the other hand, urgent orders and Union ordinances are a different story, i.e. the issue of a decision taken by the First Citizen, responsible for the protection of the social and health sphere in the administered territory.

Union orders, administrative jurisprudence in hand, are in fact the only tool capable of stopping 5G. But it needs to be well motivated, well instructed by the technical office, and accompanied by sufficient evidence capable of withstanding any recourse to the administrative judiciary. Recourse that, obviously, anyone with legitimate interests divergent from those that follow the line of the precautionary principle may resort to.

This data is important: while 100 administrations have expressed doubts and opposition to 5G based on the precautionary principle, only 13 are experimenting with approval and endorsements of risk-denialist Mayors, with “both public and private projects (24% dedicated to public safety, 20% to issues related to smart cities)”.

These numbers are emblematic of the ongoing democratic disconnection between Stop 5G Municipalities (100) and Pro 5G Municipalities (13), highlighted in the double chart published by Net.Consulting, opposed to that concerning the moratorium distributed by the Alliance.

Here is the complete list of the first 100 Italian Municipalities officially against 5G-“Stop 5G”, which is now making a true democracy problem of the dark side of Big Data: the Conte Government can no longer continue to ignore the secession from wireless. To all our readers, the next appointment is on January 25, 2020, to take to the streets once again and join the first worldwide stop 5G demonstration.

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Il 5G (ora) è (pure) un problema democratico: 100 Comuni d’Italia sono ufficialmente Stop 5G – ECCO LA LISTA, UNICA IN EUROPA

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